Hayes Brothers

This company was born with the intention of the founder to make snowboard with the high quality. After working in New York City, Steve Hayes wanted to make boards near his home where the mountains give inspiration and a calling to be in the adventure. After the location was found, the Hayes brothers then started their operation of making the boards. That happened in the year of 1997 in Londonderry in Vermont. It is a family business as the shares are owned by the members of the family.

They also know the workers so they are kind of a family that knows each other and go to work with their own will and ready to have some fun. Since the start of the company, they had sold every piece of snowboard that they had made. As many are looking for the good quality of snowboard and that is what they can get from the company. All of the pieces of a snowboard are made largely by hand. There is a help from the machine but most of the work is by hand.

That makes it be in demand in the market. That is their strength that had made the company survived and is in operation despite many competitors. But the company had made the decision to sell the company so it can improve its coverage and do good to its survival for more years to come. The quality is still the same and it would be ensured as one of the previous owners will remain.