Comparison of injuries between skiers and snowboarders

In every sport, there are injuries that could be obtained by anyone who is beginning or even the professionals. That is because accidents cannot be eliminated. Accidents are part already even the everyday life. But there are some accident or injuries that could be common to one particular activity or group. That is because of the movements and the activities that are being done and the environment also. In this article, we would see the different injuries that could be obtained by the skiers and the snowboarders.

You can see in the infographics that there are differences in the percentage of the injuries that each player in the sport can have. That is because they also use different techniques and parts of the body at different times and the pressure they could put on it vary. An example given above is that knee injury that could be sustained by players. The percentage of its occurrence is higher in skiers than in snowboarders. The skiers have the 33 of percentage and the snowboarder have 6.7%.

If you will observe also, there are other injuries in skiers that are not common to the snowboarders. Each plays on the snow but they do also have some differences. The tools they used also has some difference that is why they can have different injuries. There are also the techniques that could only be applied by snowboarders but it is not easy for the other. That is why there are also differences in their clothes for each sport.