Know the Coldest Countries in the World

Each of us never wished to be born in the country where we are right now except for those whose economy is good. However, if you carefully think, you can still feel that you are lucky enough to be born in your own country. Think about the weather in your country. Do you have 2 seasons only or 4 seasons? To those who live in countries that only have wet and dry season, they have a wish to live in a country that has four different seasons.

In this article, the ten coldest countries in the world will be mentioned. The first in the list is Antarctica. This is located in the South Pole and only winter animals can be found because of the severe coldness in that area. Russia too is one of the countries that belongs to the coldest country in the world probably because it is located in the borders of Pacific Ocean as well as the Arctic Ocean. Canada too is in the list. Every winter, the land is covered with snow. And you need to wear thick clothes. You can have one from Jasmine bridal dresses store . This is the best shop to buy your clothing’s.

What about the United States of America? The country also experience winter which makes it very cold. Every winter, it is not easy for the citizens to go out because of their fear that they might freeze at any time and anywhere. Even in Greenland, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Iceland, and Mongolia, the way of living in these countries is not easy especially during the winter season. Thick piles of snow flakes and the severe cold wind and snowstorms can be unbearable. Look over here the best travel assistance to help you go here check source. It also includes Norway, Belarus, and Sweden.